Wednesday, August 31

Listening Room Wednesday - Mat Kearney Album Review

The One2One Network was kind enough to give me the opportunity to review Mat Kearney's new album, Young Love. I'll admit that prior to Blissdom, I wasn't terribly familiar with Mat Kearney, outside of a song or two. But his set at Blissdom was awesome, so I was eager to listen to this new album.



I love Mat's voice! He has so much talent and's no surprise that he was a hit with the (mostly) female blogger population at Blissdom. (In fact, these pics are less than great because it was hard to find a position in the crowd to shoot from easily.)

I've listened to Young Love several times now, and I'm really loving the entire album. Mat has a unique sound and is a talented songwriter. The first song, "Hey Mama" had me instantly tapping my foot along with the percussive beat - it's catchy but not in an annoyingly pop-y way. (I should know...I was recently listening to normal radio w/ some teenagers at work and wanted to remove my ears.) Other favorites on the album are "Count on Me," which includes a children's chorus, and the bouncy "She Got the Honey." I also love the slower, acoustic last track on the regular album (I also have "Seventeen," which apparently is included as a bonus track on downloaded versions of the album), "Rochester," which really showcases Mat's storytelling abilities. Mat intros "Rochester" with a spoken explanation that the story is his father's...I love, love, love learning where songs come from, and knowing a little about this one gives it extra depth.

Oddly, the one song that doesn't do much for me is "Seventeen," the aforementioned bonus track, which will likely end up being the radio-popular one or something. But then again, it will probably grow on me the more I listen to it. There's really not a bad song on the whole album!

So click above and check out Young Love from Mat Kearney! Support singer/songwriters - buy cds, go to shows! :)

*Disclosure: I received a free download copy of Mat Kearney's Young Love album from One2One network in order to review it.

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