Monday, July 9

If you're free, follow me...follow me!!

(Bonus points for knowing where the subject line came from.)

I started a blog. It's pretty obvious that I don't have the attention span or spare time to post frequently enough on this blog these days, so for right now the easy format of tumblr is going to work best for me, I think. I'm not shutting down Great Little Stories, because I feel like I'll still have some great little stories to tell, whenever they strike me.

Speaking of which, remind me to tell you about the time I met Willie Nelson last month.

The new blog will be more or less focused on my Dancing Lemur-related things, so expect to see lots of photos and things about music...with probably some other randomness from my various interests thrown in.

Anyway, if you're still checking in over here or still have me in your feed reader, come on over. I'd love to have some followers (I think I have a grand total of one right now), and if you have a tumblr, I'd love to follow you...feel free to leave your url in the comments here and/or over there.

Monday, March 19

Facebook Tip of the Day

Scenerio: You're at a concert or watching a big sporting event/important episode of a TV show/big awards show. Since you know you have like-minded Facebook friends, you like to give updates on the setlist/complaints about the bad ref calls or GO TEAM! exclamations/reactions to what's happening.

What not to do: Fill up your entire page and therefore my entire feed with an exhausting series of separate status updates.

Instead: Make one post that you're at the concert/watching whatever, and give your running commentary in the comments. Anyone who is interested or watching too, will converse with you there. Really. I promise.

Reduce Facebook clutter.

This message brought to you by a mentally tired Dancing Lemur, who just wants to keep up with her friends on Facebook without having to wade through, "I can't believe what just happened!!" and "Yeah, that's how you do it, team!" messages all the time.

The end.